World War II Early Cold War
Last revised on July 7th 2001

Policies, Trends, Events
Denazification Protracted planned economy, famine, black market Tendency toward Socialism The Establishment of People's Democracies
The Marshall Plan The Emergence of the Cold War

European Integration
Benelux 1947- International Events

Foreign Policy by Country
Britain France USSR

Postwar Years : By Country : Western Democracies
Britain France Netherlands Belgium Switzerland Italy
Malta Norway Sweden Denmark Finland Ireland
Greece Turkey 1945-1951

Postwar Years : By Country : Occupied Germany and Austria
West Germany East Germany Berlin Austria

Postwar Years : By Country : Dictatorships
Spain Portugal

Postwar Years : By Country : People's Democracies
USSR Poland Czechoslovakia Hungary Rumania Bulgaria
Yugoslavia Albania

The Postwar Years Elsewhere
North America Caribbean Central America South America Western Africa Southern Africa
Eastern Africa Northern Africa Central Asia Greater India Southeast Asia Oceania
China Korea