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With many new members entering the United Nations in the course of decolonization, the US exerted less influence on the organization. The United Nations criticized South Africa for its APARTHEID POLICY and called for an international boycott of the country; in many resolutions, it also condemned steps undertaken by Israel in the occupied territories, such as the SETTLEMENT policy.
In 1972 the People's Republic of China occupied the permanent seat on the UnN Security Council hitherto held by Nationalist China (Taiwan), which simultaneously was expelled. In 1975, the FRG and GDR were jointly admitted.
United Nations PEACEKEEPING FORCES frequently were called for to separate hostile troops - the Israelis and their Arab opponents, Turkish anf Greek forces on Cyprus etc. etc.
Many UN organizations, such as UNESCO, the WHO etc., continued to undertake large-scale programs, mostly in underdeveloped countries unable to organize and finance them on their own.

Both the US government and considerable elements within the US public have turned increasingly critical of the UN; the US, for many years, withheld its payments to the UN, citing two reasons - a reform to take into account the altered economic situation (the US share is 25 % of the UN budget) and dissatisfaction with how the UN is run.
(Unified) Germany and Japan desire a reform of the UN that would give them permanent seats on the UN Security Council; both account for the second and third largest share of the UN budget.

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DOCUMENTS United Nations Resolutions, posted/linked by Vincent Ferraro at Mt. Holyoke; title misleading as newspaper articles etc. are also on the list
UN General Assembly Resolutions since 1946; Documents

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