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Discoverer's Web, in English
Who had gone before ?, chronological listing of telegram style notes on discoverors, discoveries, posted by Michael Dickinson
Alphabetisches Suchverzeichnis der Reisenden in China und Tibet bis 1949 (Alphabetic Index of Travellers in China and Tibet until 1949), from Das Klassische China (Classical China), in German
Explorers of Africa, from Enchanted Learning
Explorers, from Virtual Museum of New France
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Biographies of Dutch Discoverers and Colonial Administrators

Note : Discoverers of non-French background, sailing on behalf of Dutch Colonial Enterprises, are here treated as Dutch.

Regarding the spelling of French names : "de" is an adjective and, as such, part of the family name. It is not to be capitalized, unless the sentence is begun with the word.

Cartier, Jacques (1491-1557)
Charged with searching for the Northwest Passage, he departed France in 1534. At St. Pierre, south of Newfoundland, he found a colony of Breton fishermen; from then he proceeded westward into the St. Lawrence Bay, then returning to France. On a second voyage in 1535 he sailed into the St. Lawrence, as far as Montreal. He undertook a third voyage in 1541.

English language biography, from DW, from Catholic Encyclopedia, from Virtual Museum of New France

Champlain, Samuel de, 1567-1635
First visited Canada in 1603; founded Quebec in 1608; explored the St. Lawrence, founded Montreal. In 1629 the English took Quebec; when they returned it in 1632, Champlain returned as the Governor of New France; he died in 1635.

English language biography, from Virtual Museum of New France; from Catholic Encyclopedia, from Enchanted Learning

Perouse, Comte de, Jean Francois de Galoup 1741-1788
French navigator, explored the Pacific Ocean 1785-1788. Surveyed the coast of Sakhalin. His expedition covered a large area, from the west coast of North America to Australia. In 1788 he departed for the Solomon Islands; that is the last report we have of him.

English language biography, from Enchanted Learning
French exploration of the Northwest Coast of North America, posted by John Robson

Verrazano, Giovanni da c.1485-1528
Italian (Tuscan) navigator, moved to Dieppe, Normandy, in 1506 or 1507. On behalf of King Francis I. of France, in 1524 or 1525 he undertook his first expedition to the newe world, exploring the coast from Florida to Newfoundland. He undertook two more voyages, one in 1527 to Brazil, a third in 1528 to the Caribbean, where he met his death at the hands of cannibalistic Caribs.

English language biography, from DW; from Catholic Encyclopedia; from Italian Historical Society

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