European Exploration of India

India had not only been in the vivid memory of the Europeans since the exploits of Alexander the Great, but had occasionally received European visitors, such as Marco Polo on his return voyage. Prior to the Ottoman Conquest of Mamluk Egypt, Venetians, via Egypt, were involved in the Indian Ocean trade (an involvement not much publicized). Europeans consumed products originating from India (i.e. India and beyond), such as spices, precious textiles etc.
When am Abyssinian envoy reached Portugal in 1487, Pero de Covilhao travelled, disguised as a Muslim, via Alexandria, Cairo, the Red Sea, to Kozhikode (Calicut) on the Malabar Coast in India, which he reached in 1489 - nine years prior to Vasco da Gama. In 1490, at Cairo, he met two agents of the Portuguese king, whom he entrusted a report on his travels; Covilhao returned to Ethiopia, where he settled down.
When Vasco da Gama sailed out for India, he thus had definite knowledge of what awaited him, although many details were to be filled in. Following the East African coast, at Malindi he picked up an Arab pilot who showed him the route across the ocean to Kozhicode (Calicut) in India, which he reached in 1498. Da Gama's financially successful expedition immediately was followed by others; the Portuguese conquered cities on India's western coast (Goa 1510) and were in a constant conflict with Arab traders. In 1506 the first Portuguese on record reached Ceylon, Malacca was reached in 1509, Canton (China) in 1513. The first Portugiese reached Bengal in 1517, establishing regular trade. Early Portuguese relations to Gujarat were hostile; in 1512 the Portuguese burnt the important port of Surat. In 1531 the Portuguese conquered Daman (Damao, near Surat), and in 1534 Diu, an island off the southern tip of Gujarat.

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