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The CHURCH OF ENGLAND established her independence by a Council of English bishops declaring the separation from Rome. Her church organization therefore is that of the Catholic church without a pope, on a national level. The top level is that of the ARCHBISHOP. England is divided in two ARCHDIOCESES, those of CANTERBURY and of YORK. The Archbishop of Canterbury traditionally crowns the king. However, KING HENRY VIII. (a layman) declared himself head of the Church of England, a function his descendants on the throne have held ever since. Of course, the function of the king/queen as head of the church is a political one; the spirutual leaders are the archbishops.

The BISHOPS are responsible for the clergy and the monasteries in their respective districts referred to as DIOCESES (sing.: diocesis). They could take disciplinary measures against individual monks; for instance Archbishop Albrecht II. of Mainz ordered Tetzel to stop selling letters of indulgence and to return in his monastery. They also could (and did) send guidelines in form of PASTORAL LETTERS, to be read during mass by the priests of their diocesis.

PRIESTS were responsible of the respective PARISH.

Candidates for the positions of priests, bishops etc. had to undergo an education, as well as to take vows and be ordained.


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