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Doctrines of Calvinism

Fundamental Texts : the bible, in various translated editions; Calvin's Institutes of Christian Religion, the Belgic, Gallic, Scottish etc. Confessions; the CANONS OF DORDT (1618-1619).

Basic Concept : Calvinism emphasizes the local level of the church administration, the active participation of laymen in church affairs. Calvinists believe that God has elected them as being the chosen few to receive salvation; the individual Calvinists, through their lifestyle, their willingness to repent, through charity etc. have still to qualify for salvation.

Catholic Concepts : (1) There are only two sacraments, BAPTISM and COMMUNION.
(2) The Calvinist church does recognize Saints; the calendar of Calvinist Saints differs from the Catholic Calendar as it is much shorter, and, apart from a number of pre-reformation saints, includes persons such as Jean Calvin, John Knox etc..
(3) Monasticism was abolished; priests permitted to marry.
(4) The Calvinist church rejects images portraying biblical scenes etc. Calvinist churches are plain, without decoration.

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