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Mystics : Meister Eckhart

JOHANNES ECKART (Meister Eckhart, in English Master Eckhart) was born around 1260 in Hochheim, Franconia, and died in 1327 or 1328 in Avignon. Studied in Cologne, entered the DOMINICAN ORDER, studied for a while in Paris, where he received his master's degree. Meister Eckhart wrote 4 treatises in German.
He preached that life on earth was vane, nil, that the man who overcame his personality would discover his similarity with god, that there was an identity between god and the human soul and that man should give up his personality and seek the identity with god without questioning.
Given a professorship in Cologne, Eckhart was accused of being a heretic; during the process, which was drawn to the papal court at Avignon, he died.

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