The Italian Renaissance : The Medici Academy of Florence

A.) Florence and the Medici Family

Florence in the 14th century was a republic, such as Siena, Pisa, Genova and Venice. Such republics were governed by a small number of families, the patricians (of the capital city), which have grown rich in far distance trading and related activities, such as banking.
The UNIVERSITY OF FLORENCE had been founded in 1349, just after the BLACK DEATH.
One of the dominant families of Florence were the MEDICI. COSIMO DE MEDICI had succeeded in 1434 in gaining the majority in Florence's banking sector, and after a brief exile was called back to Florence, the political life of which the Medici dominated until 1494, when they were exiled again. They returned in 1512, with the assistance of Imperial troops, and now the republic was overturned for good, transformed into the DUCHY OF FLORENCE, in 1559 elevated to the GRAND DUCHY OF TUSCANY, under the Medici dynasty.

B.) he Florentine Renaissance Academy

COSIMO DE MEDICI (1434ff), an immensely rich banker, gathered artists around him in what under his successors would become the FLORENTINE RENAISSANCE ACADEMY. The most prominent members were BRUNELESCHI and PICO DELLA MIRANDOLA. Under LORENZO THE MAGNIFICENT, both LEONARDO DA VINCI and MICHELANGELO lived at his court.

The First Medici in Florence, from A Family Portrait. The Medici of Florence

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