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St. Birgitta (1303-1373, also St. Bridget, St. Brigitta) was the daughter of BIRGER PERSSON, a Swedish magnate. She founded the order named after her, with the mother convent in VADSTENA, Sweden. Widowed in 1344, the mother of eight became a nun. She claimed to have revelacions since 1345, and urged the popes to move from Avignon back to Rome, where she settled down in 1349. She gave advice to King Magnus of Sweden regarding the reform of his country, and corresponded with the Kings of England and France, about the 100 years war. Widely respected, she died in 1373, just before POPE GREGORY XII. responded to her appeal and moved back to Rome. St. Birgitta, as head of the Birgittine order, was succeeded by her daughter, St. Catherine. St. Birgitta was canonized in 1391.

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