Bahrain, 1913-1949

Political Status . According to the 1913 treaty between the Ottoman Empire and the United Kingdom, Bahrain was independent, but (since 1860) a British protectorate. In 1939 Bahrain declared war on Germany; in the same year Britain decided the Hawar Islands, off the coast of Qatar, to belong to Bahrain.

Administration . The British Resident of the Gulf (in historical documents refered to as the Resident of the Persian Gulf) resided on Bahrain; he was responsible for Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the Trucial States and Oman. Until 1946 the Gulf Resident was subordinate to the President of Bombay; with the British preparing to leave British India, in 1946 the Gulf Residency was elevated to an independent administrative unit.

The Economy . Until 1959 the Indian Rupee was legal tender.
Oil was discovered by BAPCO (est. in 1929), a subsidiary of Standard Oil of California, in 1931; production began in 1932. In 1935 Bahrain produced 0.17 million metric tons of crude petroleum, in 1940 0.96 million, in 1949 1.5 million (IHS p.362). In 1934 the first oil was shipped; in 1936 the first refinery in Bahrain opened; in 1945 a pipeline connecting the island with Saudi Arabia opened. A 1937 agreement allocates 25 % of the revenue and assets of BAPCO to the state of Bahrain.
From 1932. Bahrain was connected to the world by regular flight services. The first postage stamps for Bahrain were issued in 1933; hitherto stamps of British India were used.
The rise of the cultured pearl industry in Japan resulted in the collapse of pearl fishing in the 1930es.

Social History . Jan Lahmeyer estimates the 1913 population as 66,000; the 1950 census counted 109,700 Bahrainis. The vast majority of the island's Muslim community is Shia (c.80 %), the minority Sunni; the ruling dynasty is Sunni.

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