Hejaz 1916-1925

Administration . From 1517 to 1918, the Hejaz was a province of the Ottoman Empire. Control of the Hejaz entitled the Ottoman Sultans to add the title Caliph to their collection of titles.
In 1916 Sharif Husain bin Ali began what is generally known as the Arab Revolt. While the Ottoman forces, until the end of the war, held on to Medina, most of the Hejaz was under the control of the rebels. From June 1916 Sharif Husain was addressed as King of the Hejaz. In 1924-1925 the Hejaz was conquered by the troops of Ibn Saud, Sultan of Nejd.

Foreign Policy . In June 1916, Sharif Husain bin Ali of Mecca and his followers began the Arab Revolt, and entered into an alliance with Britain. From the taking of Aqaba (July 1917) onward, the Arab Revolt was supplied with British arms. During the remainder of the war, there was a competition between British and Arab forces for the liberation of Syria.
At the Paris Peace Conference, the Hejaz was represented by Prince Faisal, son of Sharif Husain; Faisal was assisted by T.E. Lawrence. Here British and Hejazi interests collided, and even more so, Hejazi and French interests.
The French ousted Prince Faisal from Damascus in 1920; in 1921 he was installed by the British as King of Iraq. His brother Abdallah was installed by the British as King of Jordan, also in 1921. The Paris Peace Conference left the Hejaz in the possession of Sharif Husain bin Ali.
Hejaz was a founder-member of the League of Nations (StYB 1925 p.667).

The Economy . The Hejaz produced primarily dates, also wheat, corn, barley, millet, lentils, coffee and tobacco. The tribes of the Hejaz lived of pastoral nomadism (horses, sheep, goats, camels). Main exports included hides, wool and gum (NIYB 1925 p.46). Ancient caravan routes pass through the Hejaz; the construction of the Hejaz railway (completed in 1908, when it reached Medina) altered trade patterns. From 1916 to 1918 it was of solely military importance; from 1918 on the Hejaz Government took on the management of the section from Amman to Medina (StYB 1932 p.651).

Social History . The population estimate for the Hejaz in 1925 is 800,000 to 900,000. (NIYB 1925 p.46). The Hejaz government has signed the anti-slavery convention; but by 1925 no defnite measures had been taken to discourage slavery within the Hejaz (StYB 1925 p.667).

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