Kuwait, 1899-1939

Political Status and Administration . Fearing the imposition of direct Ottoman control, Sheikh Mubarak of Kuwait requested a British protectorate, which was granted. A British agent resided in Kuwait since 1904, subordinate to the Chief Resident of the Persian Gulf (residing in Bahrain) who again was subordinate to the President of Bombay.
Sheikh Mubarak al-Lahab ibn Sabah al Sabah "the Great" ruled from 1896 to 1915, he was succeeded by Sheikh Jabir II al Mubarak al Sabah (1915-1917), Sheikh Salim Al Mubarak Al Sabah (1917-1921) and Sheikh Ahmad Al Jabir Al Sabah (1921-1950).

The Borders . In 1922 Britain and Nejd signed the Uqair Protocol which defined the border separating Kuwait from Nejd, a predecessor of Saudi Arabia. The arrangement is regardede unfavourable to Kuwait.

The Economy . Until 1959 the Indian Rupee was used as currency in Kuwait.
Aviation began in 1927, Imperial Airways organizing flights to and from Kuwait. In 1934, Kuwait Oil Company (Anglo-Persian Oil Company (now BP) and Gulf Oil (now Chevron Corporation)) was granted a concession; oil was found in 1938.

Social History . Population estimates for 1939 are rough (50,000 according to NIYB 1940).

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