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Kuwait, 1939-1960

Administration . Since 1899 Kuwait was a British Protectorate. A British political agent resided in Kuwait; he was subordinate to the Chief Political Resident in the Persian Gulf, residing in Bahrain. Until 1946, the Chief Political Resident in the Persian Gulf was subordinated to the President of Bombay; since 1946 the Political Residency in the Persian Gulf was a separate entity within the British Empire.
Sheikh Ahmad Al Jabir Al Sabah ruled from 1921 to 1950, Sheikh Abdullah III Al Salim Al Sabah ruled from 1950 to 1965, since 1961 as Emir.
In 1961, Kuwait was released into independence.

The Economy . Until 1959 the Indian Rupee was used as currency in Kuwait; that year it was replaced by the Gulf Rupee, which was pegged to the Indian Rupee.
In 1946, Kuwait produced 0.7 million metric tons of crude petroleum; in 1947 the figure was 2.2 million, in 1950 17.2 million, in 1955 54.7 million, in 1961 82.7 million (IHS p.362). The first oil refinery in Kuwait was established in 1949.
Kuwait National Airways was established in 1954.

Social History . Population estimates for 1939 are rough (50,000 according to NIYB 1940). The census of 1957 counted 206,500, the census of 1961 321,600. The rapid rise in the figures reflects the massive influx of migrant workers employed mainly in the oil industry.

Cultural History . The government took control of education in 1939; by 1945 17 schools had been established. The Kuwait National Olympic Committee was established in 1957 and recognized by the IOC in 1966.

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