Nejd, 1902-1925

Administration . From 1887 to 1902, Nejd was administrated as a province of Shammar. In 1902 Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud retook Riyadh and reestablished the Emirate of Nejd. In 1914, Al Hasa (hitherto part of the Ottoman Empire) was annexed. The ruler then was referred to as Emir of Nejd and al Hasa. In 1921 Jebel Shammar was annexed. In 1921 the Emirate of Nejd was elevated to Sultanate of Nejd. The Hejaz was conquered in 1924-1925, Asir annexed shortly after.

Foreign Policy . During World War I, Ibn Saud was a British protege. He was a competitor of the Hashemites, who in the aftermath of the Arab Revolt, aimed at establishing a unified Arab state which not only conflicted with Ibn Saud's plans, but also with those of the French who wanted Syria for themselves. Ibn Saud used marriage policy to tie numerous Arab tribes to him and the dynasty, and conquest to expand his territory.
Nejd and her successor, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, chose not to join the League of Nations. The plan by the King of Hejaz to unite the Arabs in one state, presented to the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, brought the Hejaz into conflict with Nejd. The Uqair Protocol of 1922 defined the border between Nejd on one, Iraq and Kuwait on the other side. The border with Jordan was agreed upon in 1925.

The Economy . The tribes of Nejd, Al Hasa and Shammar were pastoral nomads who engaged in caravan trade, the harvesting of palm dates, and where possible, the cultivation of wheat and barley. In 1925 a rising export of horses to Bombay (British India) and of camels to Egypt was noted (NIYB 1925 p.46)

Social History . The population estimate for the Sultanate of Nejd in 1925 is 3 million; the figure does not include Shammar for which another 250,000 were estimated. (NIYB 1925 p.46).

Cultural History . Wahhabism was the dominant interpretation of Islam.

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