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Oman, 1970-1990

Administration . The informal British protectorate, in place since 1892, ended in 1971, and without formal proclamation, Oman became independent.
Oman is a monarchy; political parties are not permitted. Sultan Qabuus bin Said ruled ousted his father in a coup d'etat in 1970 and rules ever since. In 1970 the state was renamed from Muscat of Oman into Sultanate of Oman.
In 1964 a Communist rebellion began in the southern province of Dhofar, bordering on Southern Yemen (which had gained independence that year and supported the rebels). With British support, it was suppressed by 1975.

Foreign Policy . In 1971 the Sultanate of Oman joined the Arab League and the United Nations. In 1981 Oman joined the Gulf Cooperation Council. Since 1970, Oman has maintained close ties with the United Kingdom.
The USSR, via her satellite South Yemen, long had supported the Dhofar rebels; Oman and the USSR only established diplomatic relations in 1986. Diplomatic relations with the PR China were established in 1978.
In 1980 Oman and the U.S. signed an agreement which permitted the latter to use airbases in the Sultanate. During the Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988, the GCC countries until 1986 pursued a neutral course, and from 1986 on supported Iraq.

The Economy . In a 1970 currency reform, the Omani Riyal Saidi was introduced, replacing the Gulf Rupee. In 1972 the Omani Riyal replaced the Omani Riyal Saidi.
The Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industries (OCCI) was established in 1973.
First Five Year Development Plan 1976-1980, Second Five Year Development Plan 1981-1985, Third Five Year Development Plan 1986-1990.
Oil production in 1971 was at 14.5 million metric tons, in 1990 at 34.0 million (IHS pp.363, 364). Oman is not an OPEC member. High oil prices from 1973 to 1981 (First Oil Crisis) resulted in increased Omani revenues. In 1976 the first seawater desalination plant was constructed. Oman Airlines was established in 1981, but did not start operations until 1993.

Social History . The population estimate for 1970 is 654,000, for 1990 1.625 million (Lahmeyer). Legal slavery was abolished in Oman in 1970.

Cultural History . The Oman Football Association was established in 1978. The National Olympic Committee of Oman was established in 1982 and received recognition from the IOC the same year. Omani athletes participated in the Summer Olympics of Los Angeles 1984 and Seoul 1988. The Sultan Qaboos University in Muscat was opened in 1986.

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