Hejaz and Nejd 1926-1932

Administration . Ibn Saud had taken control of Nejd in 1902, of al Hasa in 1914, of Shammar in 1921, of the Hejaz in 1924-1925, of parts of Asir from 1919 onward.
In January 1926, Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud was crowned King of the Hejaz in the Grand Mosque of Mecca. From 1926 to 1932 he was addressed as King of Hejaz and Nejd.

Foreign Policy . The Kingdom of Hejaz and Nejd maintained close relations with the United Kingdom; Ibn Saud had been able to pursue his policy of expansion because of British arms supplies. In the Treaty of Jedda 1927, the British recognized Ibn Saud's conqust of the Hejaz.
Under Ibn Saud, the Hejaz withdrew from the League of Nations.
The Kingdom of Hejaz and Nejd continued to pursue an expansionist policy, in Asir (where the border with Yemen was defined in a 1934 treaty). The borders with Kuwait and Iraq had been delineated in 1922, the border with Jordan in 1925. The Rub al Khali (Empty Quarter) was claimed both by Hejaz & Nejd and by the British.
In 1926 a Pan-Islamic Congress was held in Mecca.
In 1926 the USSR, in 1931 the U.S.A. recognized the Kingdom of Hejaz and Nejd. By 1932, the United Kingdom, the USSR, Turkey, Persia and the Netherlands maintained legations in Jedda; France, Italy and Egypt maintained unofficial consular representatives (StYB 1932 p.652).

The Economy . By 1930, the Hejaz and Nejd exported mainly animal hides, wool, horses, camels. The country produced dates, wheat, barley, meat, coffee, tobacco, mainly for domestic consumption. The only modern transportation available was the Hejaz railroad, which since 1918 was maintained by the government of Hejaz; in 1925 maintenance for the stretch from Amman to Ma'an had been transferred to the government of Palestine. The Hejaz railroad had suffered from the war (the conquest of the Hejaz by Nejd 1924-1925).

Domestic Events . Parts of the Ikhwan, a Wahhabi militia which had helped Ibn Saud in his conquests, in 1926 turned against the king because of his policies of modernization. They felt especially offended by the presence of many foreigners in the country. Loyal forces crushed the Ikhwan resistance by 1930.

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