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Saudi Arabia 1953-1964

Administration . Upon the death of King Abd al Aziz in 1953, his son Saud succeeded (1953-1964).

Foreign Policy . In 1955 Saudi Arabia on one side, the Trucial States and Muscat & Oman on the other were engaged in a dispute over possession of the Buraimi oases. Britain supported the Trucial States and Muscat & Oman.
Saudi Arabia continued to be an active member of UN and Arab League. During the Suez Crisis Saudi Arabia maintained her alliance with Egypt and Syria (BBoY 1957 p.674).
In 1960 Saudi Arabia was among the founding members of OPEC.
In the North Yemen Civil War 1962-1970, Saudi Arabia and Egypt (the UAR) supported opposing sides.

The Economy . In 1953, Saudi Arabia prodduced 41 million metric tons of crude petroleum, in 1964 85.7 million (IHS p.363). The temporary closure of the Suez Canal in 1956 (Suez Crisis) hardly affected Saudi oil production.
In 1959 Saudi Arabia introduced a currency reform, going off the silver standard (B. Taylor).

Social History . Jan Lahmeyer estimates the population of Saudi Arabia in 1953 as 4.141 million, in 1964 as 5.268 million. In 1962, slavery was abolished by royal decree.

Cultural History . King Saud University in Riyadh was established in 1957. Television broadcasting began in 1957. The Saudi Arabian Football Federation was established in 1959.

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