Syria 1920-1939

In 1920, the League of Nations granted France a mandate over Syria and Lebanon; it was in fact part of the implementation of the Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916. Not part of this agreement had been the Arab Revolt; Arab troops had liberated Damascus on October 1st 1918; Emir Faysal in 1920 was declared King of Syria (this Syria nominally stretching from the Taurus Mountains to the Sinai Peninsula). French troops ousted Faysal and his administration from Damascus in July 1920.
The Lebanon was separated in 1920, Alawite and Druze autonomous areas created in 1922. The years 1925-1926 saw the Great Syrian Revolt, which forced the French to temporarily abandon Damascus.
The 1928 constituent assembly drafted constitution which was rejected by the French High Commissioner. In 1936 the Franco-Syrian Treaty was signed; Latakia (the Alawite Territory) and Jebel Druze were reintegrated into Syria. In 1938 the Sanjak of Alexandrette was separated from Syria; in 1939 it was annexed by Turkey.
In 1924, Syria's population was estimated at 1.8 million; the estimate for 1939 is 2.5 million.

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