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Syria 1939-1946

In September 1939, France declared war on Germany, but took no action (Drole de Guerre). The Franco-Syrian Treaty of 1936 had been partially implemented, but not ratified by France's parliament. In 1939 it was scrapped, Latakia and Jebel Druze administratively separated from Syria.
In June 1940, Marechal Petain surrendered in the name of the French forces, and proceeded to form the Vichy administration, which was recognized by the French administration in Syria. British and Free French troops in 1941 occupied Syria; General Charles de Gaulle promised to end the French mandate and restore Syrian independence. In 1943 Latakia and Jebel Druze were reintegrated into Syria. In 1945 Syrians protested against the slow implementation of the French withdrawal; the ltter was completed in 1946.

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