1939-1946 1958-1961

Syria Independent, 1946-1958

In 1946, French forces were finally withdrawn and Syrian independence was more than nominal. The Baath Party was founded in 1947. The proclamation of the partition of Palestine in 1947 was followed by pogroms against the Syrian Jewish community; most of Syria's Jews fled into what was to become Israel.
In 1948 Syrian troops participated in the first Arab-Israeli War. The country experienced the influx of a large number of Palestinian refugees. In 1949, three coups d'etat took place. Political parties were dissolved in 1952; following another coup in 1954 the return to civilian rule and democracy was attempted. The Baath Party, legal again, successfully campaigned for the establishment of the United Arab Republic, together with Egypt (1958).
Syria's population rose from 2.978 million in 1946 to 4.3 million in 1958.
The Syrian National Olympic Committee was formed in 1948, and recognized by the IOC the same year.

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