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Nejd Asir
First posted on June 14th 2007, last revised on November 27th 2011

Political History . The Hejaz is the historic nucleus of the Caliphate; however the capital of the Caliphate shifted to Damascus in 661 (Umayyad Caliphate), to Baghdad in 750 (Abbasid Caliphate). Hejaz became a region of central religious importance (pilgrimage to Mecca), and a region of marginal political importance. The authority of the Abbasid Caliphs from the 9th century onward was nominal; Hejaz became an annex to Egypt, a province of the Fatimid Dynasty (970-1171), the Ayyubid Dynasty 1171-1250 and then of the Mamluk Sultanate of Cairo (1250-1517). Mamluk sovereignty over Hejaz was temporarily challenged by the Rasulid Dynasty ruling Yemen 1229-1450. In 1517 the Mamluk Sultanate of Cairo was conquered and annexed by the Ottoman Empire. Under Ottoman rule, at first the Sharifate of Mecca enjoyed political autonomy (1517-1803). Then Hejaz came briefly under Wahhabid rule. From 1812 to 1841 the Hejaz was ruled as a province of Ottoman Egypt. Theoretically from 1803, in reality from 1841 to 1916, Hejaz was an Ottoman Elayet. In 1916 the Kingdom of Hejaz was established (Arab Revolt). In 1925 it was conquered by Ibn Saud, King of Nejd, who then called himself King of Hejaz and Nejd; the combined kingdom in 1932 was renamed Saudi Arabia.

Economic History . The cities of Mecca and Yathrib (Medina) had risen to importance because they controlled much of the caravan trade connecting the ports of Yemen with the ports such as Gaza on the Mediterranean. Hejaz produced little to export, depended heavily on the trade of foreign products. Trade routes shifted soon after the 7th century.
By the 15th century, the Red Sea was a Muslim lake; Portuguese traveller Pero de Covilhao had to disguise himself as a Muslim on his journey through Egypt to India. In the Portuguese-Mamluk war, the latter succeeded in holding on to the Red Sea; it remained a remote backwater until the 18th century. In 1798 Napoleon landed a French army in Egypt, planning to move it on to India; he recognized the strategic importance of the Red Sea. Soon after, agents of the East India Company explored options to establish a communication line through the Red Sea to British India. From the later 19th century onward, European travellers visited the Hejaz, European captains steered their ships into the Red Sea. Steamship technology would make this easier. The construction of the Suez Canal 1859-1869 then greatly increased the strategic importance of the region. Its economic importance (chief port Djeddah) was still rather limited, as Hejaz did not offer any export products and the population of Hejaz provided a limited market for European consumer goods.

Spelling Varieties : Hejaz, Hijaz, Hedjaz, Hidjaz, Hedschas

Hejaz 1916-1925

Timeline Hejaz

Students' Papers : Kim, Sun Hoo, History of Food and Nutrition in West Asia (2009)

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