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First posted on July 5th 2002, last revised on February 18th 2009

Iraq since 2003
Iraq 1990-2003
Iraq 1979-1990
Iraq 1968-1979
Iraq 1963-1968
Iraq 1958-1963
Iraq 1945-1958
Iraq 1939-1945
Iraq 1932-1939

Iraq 1921-1932
Iraq 1917-1921

For the history prior to 1918, see Ottoman Iraq, Ottoman Empire

Timeline : Iraq

Historical Atlas, Iraq Page ; Western Asia Page
List of Wars : Iraq , Ottoman Arabia

Students' Papers : Kim, Sun Hoo, History of Food and Nutrition in West Asia (2009)

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List of Iraq-related Topics, from Wikipedia; Category : Iraq, from Wikipedia
Links, on History from Virtual Library History; Category : History of Iraq, from Wikipedia
History-Related Articles, from Kurdistanica
Historical Dictionaries Kurdistanica, Digital Encyclopedia of Kurdistan
Timelines click here
Timeline Iraq, from BBC News
Accounts of History Iraqi Perspective History, from The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in London
Accounts of History other Perspective Article History of Iraq, from Wikipedia
British Empire Map Room : Iraq, has timeline, narrative history
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History of Mosul, from Wikipedia, from Encyclopedia of the Orient
History of Basra, from Wikipedia, from Encyclopedia of the Orient, from Basrah University
History of Karbala, from Wikipedia, from Encyclopedia of the Orient
History of Najaf, from Wikipedia, from Encyclopedia of the Orient
Institutions Article Baghdad University, from Wikipedia
Article Iraqi tv, from Wikipedia
Iraqi Railway History
Iraq, from Airline History
Structurae : Iraq; search Lighthouse Explorer for iraq
Bibliographies Search ISBN Database for Iraq
Online Books on the History of Iraqi Architecture, posted by ArchNet
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Search RHS Bibliography for Iraq
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Statistical Data Responsible Institution Central Organization for Statistics, Iraq
Population Figures Historical Population Statistics, Iraq, from Population Statistics by Jan Lahmeyer
Population of Cities : Iraq, from City Population
Election Results from Psephos (since 2005); from IFES Election Guide (since 2000)
Elections and Electoral Systems around the world : Iraq, from Area Studies, at Keele
from Electoral Geography 2.0
Online Newspapers links from Online Newspapers, from ABYZ News Links, from World Newspapers,
Image Databanks Systematic Collections
Systematic Collections
Iraq Pics, Photos from Iraq
Accidental Collections Acid Cow, Historical Iraq Photos
Oriental Collections
Items on Iraq
AGSL Digital Photo Archive : Asia and Middle East
Gertrude Bell Archive Photo Collection
Universal Collections
Items on Iraq
License plates from Iraq, from Francoplaque; from License Plates of the World
Passport, from World Passports
Historic Picture Postcards, from Postcardman, commercial site
Airline Timetable Images : Iraq
Modern Documents The History of Iraq, from World History Archives
Documents : Gertrude Bell Collection 1868-1926 posted by Univ. of Newcastle
List of Ratifications of International Labour Conventions by Iraq, from ILO, 66 docs. since 1932
Information by Country : Iraq, from U.S. Committee for Refugees, 13 Reports 1991-2000
Estimates of Death Toll in Shia Rebellion 1991-1992, posted by Matthew White, scroll down for Iraq
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Atlas of Iraq, from Wikimedia Commons
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detail, Modern
detail, contemporary
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The Destruction of Iraq's National Library and Archives, from The Memory Hole
Asessment of Damage to Libraries and Archives in Iraq, from IFLANET
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Table of Contents
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