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Hejaz Shammar
First posted on June 14th 2007, last revised on February 13th 2009

For the time since 1925, see Saudi Arabia

Nejd 1902-1925

For the time until 1921 see Jebel Shammar

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Historical Dictionaries
Historical Maps
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Article Nejd, from EB 1911
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for regions conquered 1902-1932 see Asir, Al Hasa, Hejaz, Shammar
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Archives, Musea, Libraries
National Symbols Flag, from FOTW
Coins, Banknotes Search Coin Archives for Nejd
Hejaz and Nejd Counterstamps on Maria Theresia Thalers, from The Maria Theresia Thaler 1780
Stamps Saudi Arabia, from Sandafayre Stamp Atlas

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