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Transjordan Egypt
First posted on March 28th 2007, last revised on February 14th 2009

Successors (Territory) : Israel, Gaza Strip, West Bank
Successors (People) : Israel, Gaza Strip, West Bank, Palestinian Exile
Successors (Organizations) : Israel, Palestinian National Authority

Prior to 1917, Palestine was a term of historical geography; it was not a distinct administrative entity, rather a part of Ottoman Syria. The Arab inhabitants of Palestine identified themselves by their religious faith rather than by their ethnicity, and if they would have identified themselves by nationality, it would have been Arab or Syrian Arab. By contrast, the community of Jewish immigrants of European descent, had the dream of turning Palestine, or parts of it, into a Jewish nation state, and in this dream were encouraged by the (British) Balfour Declaration of 1917.
Britain, with the occupation of hitherto Ottoman Palestine, assumed the administration of the country in 1917, and was charged with the administration as a League of Nations mandate in 1923 (the mandate including Transjordan). Britain defined the borders by agreements with France respectively by splitting Transjordan off from the mandated territory in 1922, thus separating the Palestinian Arab population from the Arabs of Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.
With the ongoing influx of immigrant European Jews, the Palestinian Arabs began to form a group identity, responded to the threat of becoming a minority in their own country by resisting the policy of the British administration, which peaked in the Intifada of 1935-1938.
In 1947, against the will of the Palestinian Arab community, the General Assembly of the United Nations decided the Mandated Territory of Palestine to be divided into the Jewish State of Israel and an Arab State of Palestine. Immediately with the declaration of the independent State of Israel in 1948 the First Arab-Israeli War began; a considerable part of the Palestinian Arab population had left the areas with a heavy Jewish population, on the advice of Arab leaders to make place for the Arab armies; others had left due to Israeli acts to terrorize the Arab population (Deir Yassin; see Palestinian Exile). At the end of the war, Israel emerged victorious and expanded her territory; Egypt held on to the Gaza Strip (until 1967), Jordan to the West Bank (until 1967). There was no Arab Palestinian State.

See also : Jewish Homeland in Palestine 1917-1948

Predecessors : Territory : Ottoman Empire, Ottoman Syria
Predecessors : Population : Jewish Diaspora, Ottoman Syria

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Religion Note : The population of Palestine, during the mandate period, consisted by majority of indigenous Sunni Muslims, minority Christians, Druzes and Jews, as well as immigrant Jews, Sunni Muslims (Bosnians, Circassians) and Templars. There are numerous sources on these religious communities and their history online; however they, if pertaining to the respective community in Palestine / Israel, in most cases do not distinguish between indigenous and immigrant and do not refer to a point in time prior to the partition in Palestine in 1948.
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History of Regions Note : As this website primarily links to English language websites, it lists namess of biblical and Israeli rather than Palestinian geographical regions. User discretion is advised.
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Institutions Note : as Palestine as a political-administrative entity was construed by the British in 1917-1922, there were no Palestinian institutions, only British, Arab and Jewish institutions in Palestine
A Brief History of Radio in the Country, from Israel Radio, begins with Palestine Broadcsting Service (1936)
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