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West Bank Gaza Strip
First posted on March 28th 2007, last revised on January 13th 2008

The PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) was established in 1964. For many years it undertook acts of terrorism directed against the State of Israel, often launched from outside Palestine. In 1970 the PLO and the refugee Palestinians were demed by the government of Jordan as a threat to the country's political stability, militarily defeated and ousted. The PLO established a state within a state in Southern Lebanon, from where she continued to launch attacks against Israel. The PLO activities in the Lebanon were a major factor in the outbreak of the Lebanese Civil War 1975-1991, until they were ousted by an Israeli invasion in 1982. The PLO headquarters moved to Tunisia, where it was bombed by the Israeli Air Force in 1985, when many Palestinian refugees returned to Lebanon.

In 1988 King Hussein of Jordan renounced his country's claim on the West Bank (since 1967 occupied by Israel). Yasir Afarat, head of the PLO, in the same year recognized Israel's right to exist; the PLO turned from a primarily military organization into a political organization.
Negotiations between Israel and the PLO began, with the object of establishing a Palestinian State. In 1994 the Palestinian National Authority was established; certain areas were placed under PNA administration (Area A, Area B), and later reoccupied by Israel. So far, several attempts to reach a negotiated settlement have failed. In September 2005, Israel withdrew her forces from the Gaza Strip, now under the administration of the PNA.
Among the points disputed are the Israeli settlements on the West Bank (which the Palestinians want dismantled), Israeli territorial demands on the West Bank, the Israeli claim for an undivided Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel (while the Palestinian side demands East Jerusalem to become part of the Palestinian State) and the right of the Palestinian refugees to return, to that part of Palestine where they/their ancestors came from.

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Students' Paper : Choi, Jungyun, The Political Structure of the Continuation of the Israeli-Palestine Conflict (2008)

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