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Saudi Arabia Oman
First posted on July 5th 2002, last revised on November 28th 2011

1047-1226 . Sulaihid Dynasty 1047-1138. 1174-1228 Yemen a province of the Ayyubid Dynasty.

1226-1454 . Rasulid Dynasty

1450 to 1645 . Following the fall of the Rasulid Dynasty, the Taherid Dynasty ruled Yemen 1446-1517. Yemen was affected by the Portuguese-Mamluk/Ottoman War; Aden was occupied by the Portuguese 1513-1538 and 1547-1548. An Ottoman Empire garrison held Aden 1538-1547 and 1548-1645. In 1630 the Zaydi Imam challenged Ottoman rule; by 1645 the Ottomans had lost control.

Mid 17th Century to 1919 . In the Mid-17th century, Ottoman suzerainty over Yemen was merely nominal. Real power lay with the Zaydi Imam in San'a. Mocha (al-Moka) developed into the major regional port. On the south-eastern and southern fringes, independent polities emerged : Beyhan 1680, Lahej 1726.
In 1839 Britain (the East India Company) took possession of Aden. In the 1830s the Ottoman Empire resumed control over Northern Yemen. Following World War I, (Northern) Yemen became independent.

1919 to 1990 . Britain established protectorates over the many sultanates of southern Yemen. Northern Yemen, from 1919 to 1962 was titled the Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen. Following a civil war, it became the Republic of Yemen.
Britain withdrew from Aden and South Yemen in 1967; the miniature monarchies were abolished and the People's Republic of Yemen declared (1970).

since 1990 . With the Fall of Communism in 1989, The People's Republic of Yemen lost its main ally, the USSR. North and South Yemen united.

Spelling Varieties : Yemen, Yaman, Jemen

Timelines : Yemen

Students' Papers : Jun, Bum Sun, Arabia Felix : Yemen prior to Islam (Sept. 2008)

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Article : Arabia - Yemen, 1930 p.58, 1931 pp.61-62, 1932 pp.40-41, 1933 pp.40-41, 1934 pp.48-49, 1935 pp.52-53, 1936 pp.50-51, 1937 pp.42-43, 1943 pp.48-49, 1944 pp.51-52, 1945 pp.50-53, 1946 pp.56-58, 1947 pp.34-36 [G]
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Article : Yemen Arab Republic, 1972 pp.750-751 (on events of 1971) [G]
Article : Yemen, 1973 pp.749-750 (on events of 1972) [G]

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