Cyprus 1960-1974

After episodic ethnic pogroms, the CYPRUS TREATY was signed in August 1960, according to which Cyprus was released into independence, and the island republic's CONSTITUTION guaranteed protection to the island's Turkish minority, the constitution again guaranteed by the signatories - Greece, Turkey and Britain.
The island nation of 573,000 inhabitants (1960) was presided by ARCHBISHOP MAKARIOS and two vice presidents, one each from the Greek and Turkish community. When constitutional amendments were suggested, the Turkish minority felt threatened; the Turkish vice president withdrew from government; Turkey threatened with invasion..
Britain continued to operate military bases on the island, at AKROTIRI and DEKELEIA.
In 1974 the ENOSIS under NIKOS SAMPSON staged a coup d'etat; again, pogroms targeted the island's Turkish minority. Turkey responded by invading the island (Which had no army, thus incapable of stopping the Turks). A sector on Northern Cyprus was occupied, where the "TURKISH FEDERATED STATE OF NORTHERN CYPRUS" was established. The demarcation line, called GREEN LINE or ATTILA LINE, ran right through the historic capital of Nicosia. UN forces came in to separate the two sides.
In 1972, Cyprus signed an ASSOCIATION AGREEMENT with the EEC (European Economic Community).

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