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Cyprus 1974-1989

The Turkish invasion of 1974 had created a Turkish-occupied and administrated zone on the island's northern half, covering 38 % of the island, including most of the fertile Mesaora Plain, half of the capital Nicosia (in Turkish called Lefkosha) and the port of Famagusta, home of Cyprus' large merchant shipping fleet. Here, the TURKISH FEDERATED STATE OF NORTHERN CYPRUS was founded, headed by RAUF DENKTASCH. Immigration of Turks from the mainland was encouraged. In 1983, the TURKISH REPUBLIC OF NORTHERN CYPRUS declared independence; it was recognized only by Turkey.
Economically, Northern Cyprus stagnates, the diplomatic isolation being a major obstacle to economic debelopment. The north is accused of not stopping the illegal export of archaeological treasures.
In the remainder of Cyprus, Nikos Sampson soon was replaced by a civilian administration. This administration pursued the aim of upholding the island's unity, thus not giving in on ENOSIS demand for seeking unification with mainland Greece. Unoccupied Cyprus had to deal with a number of problems, a massive refugee problem, the loss of major agricultural areas and industries. The economy of unoccupied Cyprus responded to the opportunities arising from the sudden wealth of oil-producing states in the Near East, serving this expanding market. When Lebanon plunged into Civil War in the early 1980es, many banks hitherto operating from Beirut moved to Cyprus.
The situation along the Green Line remained tense. The administration of unoccupied Cyprus refused offers from the north for a partition of the island, even if this included the return of Famagusta to the south. LARNACA had been developed to replave Famagusta, which today is a ghost town. Unoccupied Cyprus attracted tourism.
In 1987, Cyprus and the EU signed a CUSTOMS UNION PROTOCOL; (unoccupied) Cyprus applied for full EU membership in 1990.

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