Georgia 1918-1922

In May 1918, Georgia declared independence from Russia. In June, German troops arrived at the request of the Georgian government which wanted to prevent an occupation by the Ottoman Turks.
Among the reforms undertaken by the Georgian administration (Prime Minister ZHORDANIA) was a LAND REFORM, breaking up feudal latifundia and distributing land to peasants. The young republic suffered from having to feed large numbers of refugees, and from the revolution ongoing in neighbouring Russia; it lacked trading partners. Inflation was rampant.
With Germany's request for an Armistice on Nov. 11th 1918, Georgia's protector was gone. British forces occupied the Black Sea port of BATUM in December 1918. In 1920 the independence of Georgia received international recognition, even by the League of Nations. However, the Republic was occupied by the Red Army on February 25th 1921 and proclaimed a Soviet republic. In March 1922, it was merged with Azerbaijan and Armenia to form the TRANSCAUCASIAN FEDERATION OF SOVIET REPUBLICS.

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