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Turkey 1960-1971

Administration . In a 1960 military coup, the cabinet of PM Adnan Menderes (DP) was ousted. The office of PM was held by Cemal Gürsel (military) 1960-1961, Emin Fahrettin Özdilek (military) 1961, Ismet Inönü (CHP) 1961-1965, Suat Hayri ürgüplü (A) 1965, Süleyman Demirel (AP) 1965-1971. General Elections were held in 1961, 1965 and 1969.

Foreign Policy . Turkey remained a loyal member of NATO.
In 1960 Britain released Cyprus into independence, with a constitution securing rights for the island's Turkish minority. The United Kingdom, Greece and Turkey were guarantors of the constitution; Enosis (unification with Greece, as demanded by certain political groups among the Greek Cypriots, not an option. Atrocities committed against Cypriot Turks in 1963 raised tension between Greece and Turkey. Relations with Greece deteriorated further, when a military junta took power in Greece in 1967. In 1965 Turkey began with a program of establishing water resources by damming the headwaters of Euphrates and Tigris, a scheme which affected both Syria and Iraq.
In 1964 Turkey gained the status of an associated member of the EEC. Also in 1964, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan established RCD (Regional Coperation for Development).

The Economy . Turkey produced 8.5 million metric tons of wheat in 1960, 13.5 million metric tons in 1971 (IHS p.203).
Consumer prices about doubled in the period from 1960 to 1971 (IHS pp.959, 960), reflecting moderate inflation.
The development of artificial lakes on the headwaters of Euphrates and Tigris since 1965 by Turkey threatened Syria and Iraq, whose irrigation agriculture depends on these rivers.
In 1960 Turkey produced 0.375 million metric tons of crude petroleum, production peaked in 1969 with 3.6 million and the figure for 1971 was 3.45 million (IHS p.363), about 1.5 % of the production of Saudi Arabia.

Social History . The census of 1960 counted 27.7 million Turks, the census of 1965 31.3 million, the census of 1970 35.6 million.
The construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961 drastically reduced the influx of East Germans into the Federal Republic of Germany, the booming industry of which required workers. From 1961 to 1975 FRG industries actively recruited Turkish migrant workers, largely for unskilled factory jobs.

Cultural History . Turkish athletes participated in the Summer Olympics of Rome 1960, Tokyo 1964 and Mexico City 1968. In Rome 1960 Turkish athletes took a record 7 gold medals, all of them in wrestling.
Television broadcasting began in Turkey in 1967.

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