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First posted on July 5th 2002, last revised on September 13th 2010

Historical Armenia
The Kingdom of Armenia was established c.600 B.C. Its core lay in the region to the south of the Caucasus Mountains. A client state of the Persian Empire from 550 to 330 B.C., during Hellenism Armenia regained her independence. In 301 A.D. Tiridates III. declared Christianity state religion, Armenia being the first country in the world to have done so. Conquered by the Sasanid Empire in 428 A.D.
In the course of the establishment of the Caliphate, the Emirate/Principality of Armenia (established in 636) was able to maintain political autonomy. In 884 the Principality of Armenia gained independence. In the mid 11th century, the Principality saw several regions break away; Bagratid Armenia in 1045 was conquered by the Byzantine Empire. In 1071 Armenia was conquered by the Seljuk Turks.
Now Armenian nobles established the Principality, later Kingdom of Armenia in Cilicia, (1080) 1199-1345. In Historical Armenia, the Zakarid Dynasty (1201-1330) was able to establish political autonomy. Historical Armenia suffered from a series of invasions, by Khwarizm Shah, the Mongols; in 1331 the Kara Koyunlu (Azeri Turks) took the Armenian capital of Ani and made it their own.

Armenia between the Ottoman Empire and Persia, and the Armenian Diaspora
From the early 16th century to the early 19th century, Historical Armenia was located on the (contested) border of the Ottoman Empire and Persia. Both empires were Muslim. The Armenians held on to their Christian religion, were tolerated, maintained a degree of autonomy (Ottoman millet system).
The country was under the administration of Muslims; the Ottoman Empire was a kaleidoscope of ethnicities. While we have no statistical data for this period of time, it is safe to say that significant groups of non-Christian-Armenians lived in the Historical Armenia. On the other hand, Christian Armenians specializing in trade and moneylending settled in non-Armenian cities throughout the Ottoman Empire and Persia and beyond in cities of India, Central Asia, the Ukraine and Poland - the Armenian Diaspora.

Armenia between the Ottoman Empire, Persia and Russia
In the 19th century a new power began to establish itself in the region - Russia. It annexed the Khanates of Erivan and Karabakh from Persia. in 1813/1828, Kars and Ardahan from the Ottoman Empire in 1878.
As these parts of Historical Armenia now were under the rule of Christian Russia, the Ottoman Empire went through the period of Tanzimat Reforms (1839-1878), aiming at the modernization of the empire. Armenians, no longer discriminated against by state policy, made the most out of the opportunities offered by a modern education system and the need of state bureaucracy for qualified personnel. When Sultan Abdulhamid II. pursued the policy of Hamidism, undermining the bureaucracy and civil society created by the Tanzimat Reforms, he saw in the Armenians scapegoats and he stirred up anti-Armenian pogroms.
Meanwhile, an Armenian National Movement had emerged, thriving toward an Armenian nation state, and looking for the protection of Russia.
When the Young Turks took control of the Ottoman Empire in 1908, aiming to transform the multiethnic Ottoman Empire into a Turkish nation state, they regarded claims of rival movements, most importantly that of the Armenians, on Anatolian territory, as a threat. When the Ottoman Empire entered World War I, the administration regarded the Armenian population (in the regions where it was most concentrated, Historical Armenia and Lesser Armenia) as potential collaborators with the enemy, and ordered their resettlement, an event which culminated in the Armenian Genocide, a term disputed by Turkish historians. In 1915 Russian forces conquered much of Historical Armenia, but in 1916 lost most of it again.

Modern Armenia
The events of 1915-1923 - Forced Relocation / Genocide, World War I and Turkish War of Independence, have resulted in the cleansing of Armenians of those parts of Historical and Lesser Armenia which became part of the Republic of Turkey (in present-day Turkey, Armenian Christians only are allowed to live in Istanbul).
The term "Armenia" is applied to Russian Armenia (i.e. Erivan with Karabakh, as the USSR ceded Kars and Ardahan to Turkey).
Russian Armenia briefly was independent 1918-1922, then part of the Transcaucasian SSR (1922-1936), then a separate Armenian SSR (1936-1991). Upon the dissolution of the USSR in 1991, (Russian) Armenia became independent. Supported by the Red Army, Armenia fought a war with Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabagh (1991-1994). Relations with Turkey continue to be strained over the historical evaluation of the resettlement / genocide of 1915-1923, with Azerbaijan over the Karabakh issue.

Modern Armenia is much smaller in size than Historical Armenia. For sources prior to 1918, the term Armenia has a much wider application than for sources using the name to describe Russian/Soviet/independent Armenia.

Caucasus 1914-1918
Armenia 1918-1922

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