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First posted on July 5th 2002, last revised on September 15th 2010

Today there are two lands called Azerbaijan : independent, formerly Soviet / Russian Azerbaijan, the object of this webpage, capital Baku, and the Iranian provinces of Azerbaijan, capital Tabriz. The inhabitants, the Azeri, speak a Turkic language and adhere to Shia Islam.
In the 12th century, the territory of independent Azerbaijan was ruled in part by the Shirvanshahs, in part by the Atabegs of Azerbaijan. After 1225 the country came under the rule of Khwarizm Shah, then the Ilkhanate, followed by the Kara Koyunlu (capital Tabriz, 1375-1468) and the Ak Koyunlu (capital Tabriz, 1468-1508), followed by the Safavid Dynasty (early 1500s-1700s). The Safavids spread Shia Islam; during this period the process of Turkification intensified.
The death of Nadir Shah 1747 resulted in a number of local Khanates gain independence : Ganja, Baku, Quba, Shirvan, Nakhichevan, Karabakh. By 1805/1806 all except for Nakhichevan (1828) were annexed by the Russian Empire; Persia recognized this annexation in 1813, that of Nakhichevan in 1828.
Within the Russian Empire, the territory of independent Azerbaijan administratively came under Baku, Elizavetpol and Erevan Gubernias.
After the Russian Revolution of 1917, the country briefly formed the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic 1918-1920, followed by the Azerbaijan SSR (1920-1991, from 1923 to 1936 part of the Transcaucasian SSR). With the disintegration of the USSR in 1991, Azerbaijan became independent.

Timelines : Azerbaijan since 1722
Historical Atlas : Western Asia Page

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