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Turkey Greece
Last revised on April 28th 2002; last revised on April 6th 2010

From 1489 to 1571 the island belonged to the Republic of Venice, from 1571 to 1914 to the Ottoman Empire (since 1878 leased by Britain); independent since 1960. Following a coup d'etat and atrocities against the island's Turkish minority, Turkish troops invaded the island and created the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. In the remainder of Cyprus, the coupists were removed, and the governments of Cyprus, distancing itself the option of ENOSIS and rejecting to recognize the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, maintains the view of the island being one single political entity.

Cyprus since 1989; see also Northern Cyprus
Cyprus 1974-1989; see also Northern Cyprus
Cyprus 1960-1974
Cyprus 1949-1960
Cyprus 1945-1949
Cyprus 1939-1945
Cyprus 1918-1939
Cyprus 1914-1918
Cyprus 1878-1914

Cyprus 1840-1878
Cyprus 1821-1840

Timeline : Cyprus since 1571
Historical Encyclopedias on Cyprus 1809-1906
Historical Atlas, Cyprus, British Empire - the Mediterranean Pages

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Systematic Collections
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