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Ottoman Rumelia Ottoman Empire
First posted on July 11th 2005, last revised on October 15th 2010

As the Ottoman Empire covered a large geographical area changing much over time, this page is to focus on the history of the Asiatic territory of the modern Republic of Turkey under Ottoman rule.
In historical sources, this territory may be referred to as Asiatic Turkey, Asia Minor, the Levant, Anatolia (Natolia), parts of it as Caramania, Pontus, Turkish Armenia, Cilicia and so on. Users of the sources below should be aware that some of these terms do not precisely coincide with Anatolia defined as the Asiatic territory of the Republic of Turkey, but include other territory as well (Asiatic Turkey : Ottoman Syria, Ottoman Iraq, Hejaz), while others, f.ex. Caramania, cover only part of it.
Click here for the history of Anatolia 1071-1517.
Users should also beware that 18th and 19th century western authors in their observations of Ottoman Anatolia were biased as they displayed a special interest in the ancient history of the region and in the area's Christian population. The considerable variety in the spelling of locations, following either the names of Greek antiquity or of Turkish modernity, as well as the transcription by individual authors, provides difficulty in the search for such sources for users of search engines.

For sources covering not only Ottoman Anatolia, but the entire Ottoman Empire, see the page on that entity.

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Timeline : Ottoman Anatolia
Documents : Ottoman Empire posted on partner-site psm-data
Historical Atlas : Ottoman Anatolia Page, Ottoman Empire Page
Wars of Ottoman Anatolia

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