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Bulgaria 1760-1848

A.) Bulgaria within the Ottoman Empire

The Bulgarian ethnicity (i.e. the christian majority of the Bulgarians) was treated as a part of the Greek orthodox community and thus represented by the Patriarch of Constantinopolis. The territories inhabited by Bulgarians, until 1846, formed part of RUMELIA, the governor of which resided in Sofia. A wali resided in Vidin.

B.) Bulgarian Reawakening

In 1762 orthodox monk PAISSI OF HILENDAR wrote, in old church Slavonian, A Slavonic-Bulgarian History of the Peoples, Tsars, Saints, and of all their Deesds and of the Bulgarian Way of Life. In this manuscript (handcopied, and only printed in 1844 in Budapest, without mentioning the author) Paissi called on his countrymen to look upon their language and Bulgarian identity with pride rather than abandon their tradition and language and join the allegedly superior Greek community.
In 1829, Yuri Venelin, Prof. of History at Lemberg University, published The Ancient and Present-Day Bulgarians in their Political, Ethnographic and Religious Relationship to the Russians.
The Bulgarian awakening depended on the exile for Bulgarians to get an academic education as well as the opportunity to print; there was no printing press yet in the country itself. The only education available in the country was either Islamic or Greek orthodox; the Bulgarian exarchate was to be founded only in 1870.

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