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The Establishment of Cretan Autonomy . In 1896 a rebellion against Ottoman rule erupted on the island of Crete, also called Candia in Italian. The Graeco-Ottoman War of 1897 followed; Greek troops landed on Crete. The Protecting Powers imposed a blockade on Crete (1897) and, following Ottoman approval, established control. Fighting on Crete ceased. The last Ottoman forces withdrew in November 1898.
The island was given autonomous status within the Ottoman Empire. Crete was to have a christian governor; positions in the administration were to reflect the population structure, i.e. to be filled by Christians and Muslims in the relation 2:1.

Autonomous Crete and the Protecting Powers, 1898-1908 . The powers (Britain, Russia, France, Italy (Germany and Austria-Hungary had cancelled their participation) landed 3,000 troops and divided Crete into four zones, in which the respective power was to guarantee the status quo being kept (1898). Prince George of Greece was appointed High Commissioner of the Powers. An exodus of the Muslim population of the island (mainly Greek-speaking Muslims) set in; the Muslim community declined from about 1/3 to 1/9 of the population.
Within the Greek population of Crete, many favoured ENOSIS, unification with Greece, a desire which repeatedly was supported by High Commissioner Prince George, but being in violation with the island status, was rejected by the powers. A Cretan parliament was created.
A coup in April 1905 resulted in the proclamation of unification with Greece; the powers reacted by declaring the act void and placing the island under martial law.
In 1897/1898 the occupying powers Russia and Britain issued stamps for their respective zones. During the decade of Cretan autonomy (1898-1908) Crete had its own currency and postage stamps. The capital was Hania (Chania).
In 1900, Arthur Evans took charge of the excavations at Knossos, which had been begun in 1894 and then interrupted by the Ottoman authorities.

Crete 1908-1912 . When the Young Turk Rebellion in Istanbul changed matters in the Ottoman Empire, the Cretan parliament again proclaimed unification with Greece; Eleftherios Venizelos headed a commission which was to rule Crete until unification was achieved (1908; internationally recognized only in 1913). Italy had long opposed the unification of Crete with Greece, as did the Ottoman Empire. The Protecting Powers withdrew their troops in July 1909. In 1909-1910, tension over the status of Crete was such that the powers contemplated the reoccupation of the island.

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