Croatia within Yugoslavia since 1991

In 1990 the first multiparty elections were held. The HDZ, headed by Franjo Tudjman, an ex-Communist converted to nationalist, emerged victorious. Meanwhile, the Yugoslav presidency was, in violation of the constitution, not handed over to moderate Croat politician Stipe Mesic. Croatia declared independence in 1991. International recognition of Croatia's independence came in 1992 (the FRG the first country to recognize it); immediately after, the Yugoslav War of Disintegration broke out. While the nascent Republic of Croatia did not have an army yet, the Yugoslav army sided with Rest-Yugoslavia, i.e. with Serbia-Montenegro and the organizations of ethnic Serbs living in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Three regions with a strong ethnic Serb population element were carved out of Croatia - Baranya & Eastern Slavonia, the Krajina and a Serb territory in Western Slavonia around Danuvar (1991). In the initial stage (1991-1992), fighting was the most intense at Vukovar (prewar 80 % Croat); both sides pursued a policy of ethnic cleansing. United Nations forces (UNPROFOR) were charged with observing a truce (1992-1996). In 1994-1995 Croat forces occupied the previously Serb-held territories in Western Slavonia and the Krajina. A large part of the ethnic Serb popultion emigrated.
Baranya and Eastern Slavonia has been restored to Croatia by the Dayton Agreements (1998), which also provide for the displaced population to return to their homes, and for war criminals to be persecuted. Croatia and Rest-Yugoslavia established diplomatic relations in 1996.

Croatia had joined the UN in 1992.
Elections in 2000 replaced President Franjo Tudjman by Stipe Mesic. Croatia in 2003 applied for EU membership and was accepted as a candidate in 2004.

The Croatian National Olympic Committee was formed in 1991 and received recognition by the I.O.C. in 1993.
In the Soccer World Cup in 1998 in France, the Croatian football team took the third place.

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