The Dodecanese in World War I

In May 1912 during the FIRST BALKANS WAR, a FEDERATION OF THE DODECANESE ISLANDS (populated mainly by Greeks) declared their independence. The name Dodecanes refers to an archipelago of 12 islands.
Shortly after the declaration of independence Italian troops landed. The Italian military administration suppressed the organizations of the federation; Italy established a protectorate over the islands, the most important of which was RHODOS. Here on Rhodos, in the city of RHODOS did the Italians establish their seat of administration; the territory was called RODI.
From 1915 on the island group functioned as a base for the British and French navies, for instance during the Gallipoli campaign. In 1916 the Soprintendenza ai Monumenti e agli Scavi was established.

Italian stamps overprinted for the use in the Dodecanese Islands. Stamps were overprinted for evey one of the 12 major particular islands : CALIMNO (Gr. Kalumnos), CASO (Gr. Kasos), COS (Gr. Kos), KARKI (Gr. Chalki), LEROS (Gr. Leros)

LIPSO (Gr. Leipsoi), NISIROS (Gr. Nisyros), PATMOS (Gr. Patmos), PISCOPI (Gr. Tilos)

RODI (Gr. Rhodos), SCARPANTO (Gr. Karpathos), STAMPALIA (Gr. Astypalaia), SIMI (Gr. Symi)

Article : Dodecanese Islands : Italian Rule, from Wikipedia
REFERENCE L.V. Bertarelli, Guida d'Italia del Touring Club Italiano : Possedimenti e Colonie. Isole Egee, Tripolitania, Cirenaica, Eritrea, Somalia. Milano 1929, pp.16-168

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