Eastern Rumelia 1879-1885

In 1878 the BERLIN CONGRESS established EASTERN RUMELIA, actually the fertile Maritsa valley, as a separate and autonomous administrative region of 35,208 square km. The capital was Philippopolis, modern PLOVDIV. Eastern Rumelia or Roumelie Orientale was administrated by a Christian governor appointed by the Sultan.

The creation of the Bulgarian State in 1878 was opposed by Britain which regarded it a Russian vassal state. The British supported the formation of a 20 village Pomak (Bulgarian Muslim) Republic in the Rhodope Mountains region opposing the new, Bulgarian-controlled Eastern Rumelia.
After the foirmation of the autonomous region of Eastern Rumelia, a part of the Muslim population emigrated into the Ottoman Empire proper. When a census was held after this initial exodus, the Bulgarian population of Eastern Rumelia accounted for less than 70 %. The ethnic Bulgarian group quickly organized herself. Ethnic Bulgarians occupied the majority of administrative etc. positions; Bulgarian became the dominant language.

In 1881 Eastern Rumelia established the LIBRARY IVAN VAZOV in Plovdiv as her national library.
In an 1885 coup, Bulgarians took control of it and it was factually annexed into Bulgaria. When the Ottoman Empire recognized the de facto annexion of Eastern Rumelia by Bulgaria, the Pomak Republic was reintegrated into the Ottoman Empire.

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