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Greece 1924-35

King George II. had left Greece in December 1923, heading for exile. The monarchy was formally abolished in 1924; Greece was proclaimed a republic. Still there was a period of transition until the republican constitution was implemented in 1927; during a part of that transition Greece was ruled by dictator Theodoros Pangalos who ordered the invasion of Bulgaria (1926); he was ousted the same year.
In 1928 veteran politician Eleftherios Venizelos returned to premiership. His foreign policy was successful, resulting in improved relations with it's neighbours, and in the Balkan Pact of 1934 in which the signatories (Greece, Yugoslavia, Romania and Turkey) guaranteed the present borders.
Economically, Greece was hard hit by the Great Depression; it's exported declined sharply and the country was unable to serve it's foreign debts.

Apart from foreign policy adventures and economic crises, Greece suffered from internal friction. The 1923 elections were boycotted by Venizelos' opponents. As prime minister, Venizelos used his power to alter the election law in order to favour his Liberal Party. In 1933 Venizelos' Liberal Party lost the election, the next government was formed by the People's Party under Panavis Tsaldaris.
Army officers loyal to Venizelos were unwilling to accept the election result. Colonel Nikolaos Plastiras attempted a coup d'etat in 1933; a second coup in 1935 also failed. Venizelos himself went into exile; the country had been placed under martial law.

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