The Ionian Islands, 1815-1863

The island group consisted of a number of islands located to the west of mainland Greece - KORFU, ITHACA, LEFKAS, KEPHALONIA, ZAKYNTHOS (ital. Zante), then KYTHIRA south of the Peloponnese and the small island of SASENO off Albania.

Ioannis Kapodistrias, a Greek serving in Russia's diplomatic service, at the Vienna Congress prevented the Ionian Islans to be declared an outright British possession, but a sovereign republic under British protection instead. The first British High Commissioners, however, did treat the islands as just another British possession.
A first constitution was granted in 1817; during the earlier years of British administration, Italian remained the language of administration. In 1824 the Ionian Academy was founded, regarded the first university of Greece. A new constitution in 1848 introduced Greek as official language, instituted Freedom of the Press, reformed and reorganized education. The British administration modernized and improved the road system and the water supply. A Ionian Bank was established in 1839.
The island group was declared a Republic (continually under British protection); the first state of modern Greece. Greece itself became independent in 1830; Britain ceded the Ionian islands to Greece in 1863.

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