Montenegro 1914-1926

In 1914 World War I broke out. Montenegro was allied with Serbia, Russia and France. In 1915, Montenegro was occupied by Austrian forces; King Nicholas and a few of his ministers in exile received little attention, as the allies accepted Serbia's policy of establishing a Federated Kingdom of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs - the Montenegrins, regarded ethnic Serbs, were not even mentioned. King Nicholas resided in Italy in exile, where he died in 1923. In 1918, Serbian troops occupied Montenegro. The Serbs assembled a PODGORICKA SKUPSTINA (Grand National Assembly) which decided to unify Montenegro with Serbia. A Montenegrin uprising against Serbian rule in 1919 was suppressed, although fighting continued until 1926; Montenegro became a province of the Kingdom which was to be called Yugoslavia from 1929 onward.

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