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Montenegro 1944-1980

Following World War II, Yugoslavia was reorganized as a federal republic, Montenegro (minus the Metohia, which was annexed into Kosovo, but plus Boka Kotorska) being a member republic. The constitution was that of a communist people's republic. Instead of pre-WW I capital Cetinje, Podgorica, renamed Titograd, was made the new capital.
A comparatively large number of Montenegrins held positions in the administration of communist Yugoslavia. The planned economy provided funds for the development of Montenegro; the country experienced a modest degree of industrialization.

History of Montenegro : Montenegro within Yugoslavia from Montenet, Yugoslav perspective
Links to Montenegrin history, from Studyweb
DOCUMENTS List of Rulers of Montenegro, from World Statesmen, scroll down
REFERENCE Fred Singleton, A Short History of the Yugoslav Peoples, Cambridge University Press (1985) 1999

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