Montenegro 1992-2006

In 1992 the Yugoslav ar of Disintegration began. In effect, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia had been reduced from six members to two members - Serbia and Montenegro. Within truncated Yugoslavia, Montenegro was the junior partner.
Rest-Yugoslavia, as the state often was referred to (Official name Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, in 2003 changed into Federation of Serbia and Montenegro), during the Bosnia and Kosovo Wars, faced an international embargo, which sent prices in Serbia and Montenegro skyrocketing, especially for items such as fuel. This lead to a drastic fall in the standard of living.
When the fighting was over, the Federation of Serbia and Montenegro was treated as an international outcast, for Milosevic, blamed for much of the havoc, continued to govern until 2000; after that, Serbia and Montenegro was suspected of harbouring war criminals.
Following a referendum in 2006, Montenegro declared independence, finally dissolving the federation.

Links to Montenegrin history, from Studyweb
DOCUMENTS List of Rulers of Montenegro, from World Statesmen, scroll down
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