Moldavia 1512-1812

Moldavia 1350-1512

The Khanate of the GOLDEN HORDE still was the dominant force in the Russian plains; yet it was on the decline. On the fringe of her former sphere of influence, new political entities emerged - Lithuania, Muscovy and the PRINCIPALITY OF MOLDAVIA. The first prince on record is DRAGOS (c.1351-1353). The political center was SUCEANU, located in the northwest of the country. In 1387 the principality briefly accepted Polish suzerainty. Her territory, at that time, extended to the shores of the Black Sea; GENOA held a trading post at MAURO CASTRO. Around 1400, an Orthodox diocesis was established with seat at Suceanu. The coastal stretch again was lost to the Golden Horde.
The Moldavians spoke a dialect of the Romanian language and were Orthodox christians.
For Moldavia, the defeats of the Golden Horde by Muscovy (1380) and by Tamerlane (1395-1398), the dissolution of the Golden Horde (establishment of the Khanate of the Crimean Tatars (1441), the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks (1453) and the acceptance of Ottoman suzerainty by the Crimean Tatars (1475) were of imminent importance. In 1512 Prince Bogdan al-Ill-lea accepted Ottoman suzerainty. At that time, IASI was the administrative center of the country.

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