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Moldova 1941-1944

Following the surrender of France in June 1940, Romania, without her protector, was forced to cede Bessarabia to the USSR; most of it was annexed into the Moldavian SSR.
On June 22th 1941, Germany and her allies, among them Romania, launched the invasion of the USSR. Romania annexed Bessarabia as well as Transnistria until the Bug River. In 1944 the Red Army retook these areas and forces Romania to surrender.

Timeline, from BBC News
REFERENCE Article : Moldavian FSSR, in : Americana Annual 1943 p.490 (on events of 1935) [G]
Article : Moldavian FSSR, in : Americana Annual 1944 p.465 (on events of 1936) [G]

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First posted on October 31st 2006

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