History of Kosovo, until 1912

Kosovo provided the battleground for an epic battle between the Serbs and the Ottomans (1389); by the mid 15th century the land had come under Ottoman rule. The Austrian invasion of 1689-1690 resulted in a mass exodus of Orthodox Serbs; ethnic Albanians moved in.
In 1875 the Vilayet (Province) of Kosovo was established, with capital at Pristina. In 1878 the Sanjak of Novipasar (part of the Vilayet) was occupied by Austrians; an administrative reform redrew the borders of the Vilayet and moved the capital to Skopje. The Vilayet of Kosovo, neither in her borders of 1875 nor in her borders of 1878, coincided with the present Autonomous Republic of Kosovo; the Vilayet was considerably bigger.
The (Albanian) League of Prizren (1878) rebelled against Ottoman rule, took control of a part of Kosovo and elsewhere, but was defeated by 1881.
In 1908 Austria returned the Sanjak of Novipazatr to Ottoman rule; it was again integrated into the Vilayet of Kosovo.

see also History of Rumelia

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