Albania 1831-1878

The Pashalik of Janina

A brigand risen to Pasha of Trikkala (Thessaly), ALI PASHA in 1788 was appointed PASHA OF JANINA, mainly for the fact that he established his control over areas which had slipped out of the control of the Sublime Porte. Ali Pasha, an ethnic Albanian and Muslim, established his administrative center at Janina; he ruled over southern Albania, and western-central Greece; his pashalik became a virtually autonomous political entity.
At the turn of the century, both French and British diplomats vied for influence at Ali Pasha's court. In 1797-1803 Ali Pasha fought the SULIOTS, a group of christian Albanians defying his sovereignty.
Ali Pasha promoted the BEKTASHI SECT of the Sufi Order, financed the construction or repair of mosques and Orthodox churches.
When he began supporting the PHILIKI HETAIRA, an organization aiming at Greek independence, relations with the Sublime Porte deteriorated rapidly. In 1821 Ali Pasha was summoned to Istanbul; him failing to follow the call, Ottoman troops were despatched against him. Deserted by many of his men, Ali Pasha held out under siege for over a year; in 1822 he was killed by one of his own men.
The pashalik was dissolved, the Vilayets of Janina and Monastir established; GREECE would be granted independence in 1830/1832.

Ali Pasha Tepelena, from Frosina
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