Ragusa (Dubrovnik) 1526-1660

The Republic of Ragusa was the first christian state to sign treaties with the Ottoman Empire. It did not join alliances directed against the Ottomans and therefore was not the target of Ottoman raids, which brought so much suffering to Venetian Dalmatia, Habsburg Croatia and Hungary.
The city of Ragusa became the center of what is called the DALMATIAN RENAISSANCE, it's many architectural treasures got the city listed in the Unesco World Heritage List (that was prior to the war following the breakup of Yugoslavia). Most importantly, Ragusa became the home of writers; here, a new Croatian literature was cultivated.

Chronology of Dubrovnik, by Josip Lucic
DOCUMENTS Flag of the Republic of Ragusa, from FOTW
REFERENCE Fred Singleton, A Short History of the Yugoslav Peoples, Cambridge University Press (1985) 1999

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