Samos 1832-1912

The island of Samos, located in the Eastern Aegaean, in the 19th century had an almost entirely Greek population. The Samians, lead by LOGOTHETIS LYKOURGOS, joined the Greek rising in 1821, when the Samians took PYTHAGORION FORTRESS. In 1824 the Ottoman fleet was almost annihilated in the naval battle at Cape Fournia. Still, Samos was not included in the borders of the Kingdom of Greece, established in the LONDON PROTOCOL of 1830. After yet another Greek victory in the naval battle of KARLOVASI, the island was granted AUTONOMOUS STATUS within the Ottoman Empire (1832/1834), guaranteed by Britain, France and Russia. A Turkish military force remained garrisoned on the island. The Turkish name of the principality was SISAM EMARETI.
The island governor (SISAM BEYI), a Greek christian, was to be appointed by the High Porte; the island had a parliament of 4 members. Just as in the case of the MILLET SYSTEM, the task of the governor was to keep the Samians remaining loyal to the Ottoman Empire. Ecclesiastically, the Orthodox Archdiocesis of Samos was placed under the Patriarch in Constantinople.
Rebellions in 1849 and 1908 were suppressed. In 1855 the newly constructed city of Samos (= Vathy) became administrative center, a function hitherto held by Hora (since 1675). In 1871, construction of the port of KARLOVASI began.
From 1894 to 1900, the French overprinted French stamps 'VATHY' to be used on the island.
In 1912, following a coup lead by Themistoklis Sofouli, in which the anti-Greek governor ANDREAS KOPASIS was murdered; the Turkish garrison, in the context of the FIRST BALKAN WAR, withdrew, a PROVISORICAL GOVERNMENT was established; the island was annexed into Greece (1913). In 1832 the island population numbered c. 60,000, In 1886 Samos had a population of 41,156 (Meyers), in 1912, 55,000.

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